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Surviving school holidays – A mumming toolbox

I have so looked forward to this summer.  Blissful sunshine-filled days playing aimlessly in the garden and staying in our PJ’s till lunchtime!  Of course, now it’s here, it brings its own challenges. (And is not always as rose tinted as I would like). The girls and I are all quite ’emotional’ and if any one of us is tired, life can be very hard work for us all.  We have mornings where we are all irritated and shouting at each other, alongside the blissy cuddle-up days. My girls don’t yet do anything for themselves.  They don’t turn the...

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Long, hot, lovely day

My babies have gone off to bed. They’re no longer babies. Two big, independent individuals, who mostly rub along well together, sometime screaming and sometimes squealing. I heard a Buddhist saying once. Something to the effect of Monks being like a bag of stones. Rubbing along together until all the sharp edges are knocked off. My family is becoming smooth and rounder. We are so looking forward to the long holidays, and my forecast late and stretchy summer. Share this:Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to...

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other stuff

As well as writing about my 40's, I run Do Stuff U Love.  It's a small business, helping other small businesses in Brighton, Hove and Worthing to manage websites, blogs and social media


Have a gander

Support Zero Waste Week at the same time as stocking up on these lovely giclee prints (I'm thinking Christmas pressies) by my talented friend, Zoe who blogs over at ecothriftyliving.
For each print sold in September 2017, Zoe is donating £2

Zoe’s Zen Art for Zero Waste week

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