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On the way home from school today my big daughter suggested we go out for dinner to celebrate hump day (she said hill day, but you know – Wednesday). We’ve been meaning to try Fiordilatte for a while now but keep not getting around to it.  It’s about 20 minutes walk from home (along the seafront), and the sun was shining and what’s more glorious on a coming-up-to-the-end-of-half-term Wednesday night than a stroll in the sunshine on Worthing beach? Also, the alternative was quiche which I hadn’t actually got around to making yet (I was too busy trying this...

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A greedy post about a meal in the sun last week at Coast

I got a bit of flack for my last post where I said I hadn’t yet found any ‘stand out’ food in Worthing yet.  I am a little spoilt, as we just moved from Brighton where there are loads of excellent eateries.  I appreciate that local residents have their favorites built over time and with trust.  I am very grateful for the recommendations (a restaurant can have off days of course, but true loyalty is built by people coming back again and again).  It will take me a little while to work through them. I work and have kids and...

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Waste and smoothies

Like many families, we put a lot of food in the bin or the compost.  I hate waste and I nag incessantly about it which drives us all mad. It’s exacerbated by our trying to introduce foods to our littlest, who doesn’t enjoy trying new foods and is very selective in her eating.  She hates anything ‘fresh and crisp’, like salad or fruit (it’s a texture thing), but will eat a few cooked veggies. I’m interested in Ellyn Satter’s approach – dividing the responsibilities of eating and taking the stress and bullshit out of feeding your family.  I’m trying to...

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Thrifty Crispies

I have been wondering what to do with the rest of this packet of Lavash bread I bought last week.  It was great wrapped around humus and served with kofta in a picky mezze last week, but despite being well within its use-by date (its very long dated), it was too dry to wrap around anything today. It’s from our lovely Teeba on Boundary road (for those of you near Portslade).  Teeba’s great for fresh herbs, veg, fruit and nice, interesting, super-cheap breads as well as cheap coconut oil and buckets of yogurt. Anyway, I remembered seeing that corn...

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Non dairy milks for non-extortionate prices

We quite like non-dairy milk in our house.  Our Nana is allergic to cows milk and is a long-time soya milk devotee.  D and I prefer almond milk for those days when we feel bloated and run down.  I also like coconut in my coffee and we’ve dabbled with oat milk too.  I often order a soya latte just because I like it. But it’s always all so pricey.  At £1.60-£1.70 per litre I started thinking about doing it cheaper.  After all, one of the reasons almond milk is so low in calories is that is really low in almonds....

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Support Zero Waste Week at the same time as stocking up on these lovely giclee prints (I'm thinking Christmas pressies) by my talented friend, Zoe who blogs over at ecothriftyliving.
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Zoe’s Zen Art for Zero Waste week

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