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A fresh start

So where are all those posts about Worthing then?  They’re all here (taps noggin), but I’ve been a bit busy IRL lately and didn’t want to rant/cry/bore everyone.  It’s time for a fresh start I think. We’re in (its lovely), and we love Worthing, but it was a little bit bumpy along the way (school stuff and change – I’ve bored myself with it all now, and can’t think about it any more). BUT, now that Springtime is on its way, and a fresh start it upon us once more, the old brain is tickering away, and I need a...

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The Wool Bar

My dreams of catching the last few weeks of summer as a Worthing resident are dashed, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting over there this weekend. I’ve long fancied learning to crochet, but having taught myself to knit more than once (and forgotten again), I knew it wouldn’t come naturally.  And anyway as a bit of a natterer, I much prefer a group session where I can ask questions. Me and the family had popped into The Wool Bar one day a few weeks ago on our stroll back to East Beach after a slap-up meal at Giuseppes for...

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Moving house blues

Oh my goodness, goodness, goodness!  How do people do this?  Seven weeks today since our mortgage application.  SEVEN.  WEEKS.  And the bank has still not done the valuation. Apparently the rest all checks out and is moving along as it should be, but why so long to look at a house?  It took us less time than that to find it. Of course our vendor is wondering if we have cold feet.  And we are worried they will pull the sale (although everyone is saying they are frustrated but positive).  All we can do is keep our fingers firmly...

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CircusSeen Boot Camp

My girls love the circus. Being an Ariel performer is one of the many things B plans to be as an adult, despite the fact that she’s very much not a performer. K loves the greasepaint and glitter and performing is her natural habitat. So when I found a holiday workshop learning circus skills, in a real theatre, on the actual pier, they both begged to go. This is unlike my kids. I was keen because I suspected they would love it but also I thought it would be creative and physical and a great opportunity to meet other children...

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other stuff

As well as writing about my 40's, I run Do Stuff U Love.  It's a small business, helping other small businesses in Brighton, Hove and Worthing to manage websites, blogs and social media


Have a gander

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Zoe’s Zen Art for Zero Waste week

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