My Fluxy Forties, is about me, Nancy, a married mum to two primary school aged girls, navigating my way through my fourth decade.

We moved to Worthing (from Portslade) in 2015, because we were spending more and more time over here on the beach and in the cafes.  And also because property is (relatively to Brighton) cheaper, so we could afford a (draughty, slightly rocky, needs-quite-a-bit-of-work) bigger house. But mostly because we love Worthing and feel like it’s an exciting time to be here.

We are exploring West Sussex, eating in restaurants and cafes and checking out cool places and things to do with kids.

I also write more generally about life and my archive posts include PND, craft, home-cooking, making things, books, holidays, kids and shows as well as upcycling, furniture and thrift.

I hope you enjoy it.  Please do comment – I read every one and love to hear what you think.

Thanks for reading.